New skunk will serve as ambassador for zoo, will educate public on orphaned wild animals


ERUEKA, Calif. (KIEM)-The Sequoia Park Zoo has welcomed a female spotted skunk named boo to their facility. 

Boo comes from an orphaned litter found in Trinity County by a person not educated or trained in wild animal rescue.

Boo and her brothers were habituated to people and returning them to the wild was no longer an option.

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They were taken to turtle bay exploration, and eventually one was offered up to Sequoia Park Zoo.

Boo will be trained to be ambassador for her species, which are elusive in nature and rarely seen but can be found in Humboldt County as well as the western half of the U.S., central Mexico and as far north as Canada.

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Boo will also serve as a reminder to those who come in contact with an orphaned wild animal to contact a wildlife rehabilitator immediately.

Christine Noel is education curator for the Sequoia Park Zoo. “It’s pretty incredible odds to bring boo to our zoo, from what we can tell from a data base of accredited zoos we’re only one of a few that are able to have them as part of our collection,” she said. “We always encourage people if they are finding injured.”

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