Eureka Police Department releases use of force review board findings on officer involved shooting

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) — A use of force and shooting review board that was looking into the officer involved shooting that resulted in the death of John Sieger has completed their review, per the Eureka Police Department’s policy.

The board found all officers appropriately followed EPD’s policies for use of force, firearms, a hostage or barricaded subject, mental illness commitments, and crisis intervention incidents.

Two officers were found to have violated policy on body cameras. One forgot to turn it on when arriving on scene, and the other turned it off for unknown reasons. The board found there was no malicious intent behind the violations.

“To rectify the problem with the cameras that were failing or whose batteries died because this was a very multi-hour long incident, we’ve replaced them all with new state of the art body worn cameras that have a longer battery capacity, and also are brand new and not prone to failing,” according to Chief Steve Watson.

The new fleet of body worn cameras were deployed earlier this month.