Last Chance Grade may stay closed all weekend or longer, rain adding to delay


DEL NORTE COUNTY, Cali. (KIEM)-Anyone planning on traveling on highway 101 in Del Norte County past the Last Chance Grade, between Klamath and Crescent City, don’t.

Motorist, after motorist welcomed with disappointing news.

Highway 101 at Last Chance Grade between Crescent City and Klamath is impassable.

One-way traffic controls were in place with a thirty-minute wait, but that’s changed.

“They can’t even get up to work on it to try to get it cleared away off the highway,” said Marla Landing who is a flagger for G.R. Sundberg, Inc. out of Arcata.

Marla Landing is a flagger for G.R. Sundberg, Inc., she says many are frustrated.

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“Especially when they’ve sat here for a couple, three hours already and then they have to turn around,” she said.

About two miles from the active landslide motorists headed North are being turned around, leaving them with no option but to find an alternate route.

Caltrans Public Information Officer Myles Cochrane advises against that.

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“There is no viable detour, do not try to take a local detour you could get stuck, you could get lost and really it’s not going to work out for you,” he said.

A few days ago, a motorist got stuck in the snow along a mountain road after relying on their GPS for an alternate route, Del Norte Search and Rescue helped that person to safety.

Cochrane says motorists need to pack their patience.

“We had hoped the roadway would be able to be reopened sometime today but slide activity continued and it was unrelenting,” he said.

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The rain, only delaying the road from reopening.

“That’s the problem right there,” said Landing.

“We also want to get in there and start removing materials as soon as possible. We want that too. But I am glad that our crews are waiting until it’s safe,” said Cochrane.

He says the safety of workers is most important, work will be delayed until deemed safe to assure all workers return home to their loved ones.

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