Pedestrian is in critical condition after being hit by a vehicle

Eureka, Calif. (KIEM) —An update a story we reported on Tuesday evening after a pedestrian was hit by a 79 year-old driver in Eureka.

The initial statement stated the pedestrian suddenly stepped into the roadway, but according to Eureka Police, a new video shows the pedestrian was on the crosswalk and almost fully crossed before being struck.

The incident happened at 5th and S Streets in Eureka. The pedestrian still remains hospitalized and is in critical condition. The incident is being forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for further investigation.

Chief Steve Watson says, “The City of Eureka and Eureka Police Department remain committed to improving traffic safety for our pedestrians, bicyclist, and motorist. We ask that all users of our roads slow down, pay attention and stay alert.”

Anyone with more information is being asked to contact the Eureka Police Department.