The HC Black Music and Arts Association shares the richness of Black history


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- During the coronavirus pandemic, it has been hard to hold in-person events, but the HC Black Music and Arts Association had the chance to hold their black musical celebration and liberation march this year.

The HC Black Music and Arts Association hosted a liberation celebration in old town Eureka to honor Black History Month.

The event was an in person event that started off with members of the community sharing experiences or using music to express their reverence to Black history.

Valetta Molofsky, the president of the organization, said that this event is a way to share the richness of Black history and bring healing.

“We are doing all kinds of genres of music based on fusion dance and Nigerian drumming, reggae, we have gospel music happening, blues and jazz,” said Molofsky. “So, this is a beautiful bunch of allies and black folks coming together and singing and just enjoying music and art in a safe place.”       

Some of the performers at the event said the pandemic has effected the way things are done, but that this event was a great opportunity to shine a light on serious issues.

“Unfortunately, I feel, racism has killed more people than COVID will,” said Rosemary Grady, a speaker at the event. “Not to undermine that COVID is a serious pandemic and that we should take it seriously, and do what we can to protect our community but that this work doesn’t stop. We need to continue to do this work in the safety that we can.”

The event ended with a march to the court house where people would light a candle or dedicate a rose to a family member of a lost soul.