Eureka City Schools to return to full in-person learning for all grade levels starting March 1st


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) — After nearly a year, Eureka City Schools is going back to full in-person learning for all grade levels on March 1st. Parents will have the option to send their kids back to the classroom or continue distance learning. Masks and social distancing will be enforced. Other safety precautions will also be in place.

“We have the air filtration in our classrooms, which are either merv-13 or hepa filters, to help us filter that air to make sure we’re providing a clean environment for the students,” Superintendent Fred Van Vleck adds.

A big factor in the decision was teachers getting vaccinated. Teachers and school staff were broken up into 2 groups. Those in group 1 have gotten their first doses and many have already started getting their second doses. Those in group 2 have been offered opportunities to make an appointment to get a shot.

“As of last week, we are only aware of 1 person who wanted the vaccine who had yet been able to make an appointment. That’s a pretty big feat considering we have about 525 educators who would be eligible for the vaccine,” according to Van Vleck.

The start date for preschool through 8th grade is March 1st, but high school students may have to wait a bit longer. Guidance says they can’t reopen until the county moves to the red tier.

“The high schools, specifically Eureka High School and Zoe Barnum High School, are contingent upon us being in the red for 5 consecutive days. Once we reach those 5 consecutive days and if we do, as I said optimistically, change to the red tier tomorrow, those schools will open on Monday and we are planning as such,” Van Vleck says.

Eureka City Schools says parents will receive a personalized phone call this week with more information. They’re asking for patience as they contact each of the 3,600 families in the district.