Hiker rescued after leg injury, flown to local hospital


SHELTER COVE, Calif. (KIEM)-a 40-year-old woman was flown to St. Joseph Hospital after a leg injury left her unable to finish her hike.

Just before 8 o’clock Sunday morning the Coast Guard responded to a injured hiker on the Lost Coast Trail.

Due to the high tide, Shelter Cove first responders weren’t able to get to the injured woman.

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Pilot in Command Lieutenant Chris Breuer with the Coast Guard says they were able to land on the beach, then took the patient to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment, leaving her husband, two kids and dog behind to hike back to Shelter Cove.

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Breuer says hikers should make it a habit of carrying a location beacon while out in the wilderness, cell phone service in the area is spotty.

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Breuer adds, never hike alone and if you do, make sure to always let someone, other than a travel partner, know where you plan to venture out, and never divert from the original route.

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