Office complex evacuated, bomb squad responds


An office complex located at the intersection of 5th and l streets in Eureka was evacuated at about 9 o’clock Monday morning, after an attorney called police to ask them to dispose of some explosive devices, given to him by a client’s spouse.

Family attorney Eddie Shrock told Redwood News he was just trying to discreetly dispose of military grade training explosive devices.

Little did he know, the devices may have been more dangerous than previously thought and feels awful that everyone in the complex had to evacuate.

Eureka police responded to the scene, secured the perimeter, then called the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office for back up.

The bomb squad called out to safely remove the explosive devices.

Sergeant Eddie Wilson Says His Department does not believe the public was in danger but took precautionary measures for the safety of first responders and the public.

“There is no crime being committed at this point they were not targeted at an office there, it was just out of somebody asking another person to help them, dispose of them, it just happened to be more than they had planned on,” he said.  “At this point we are just trying to secure and safe for everybody, but we believe we are acting out of an abundance of caution, more than anything.”

Those evacuated from that office complex were cleared to return at about 1:15 that afternoon.

Police urge anyone attempting to dispose explosive devices should contact law enforcement for assistance.