Governor signs $6.6 billion dollar package for schools

Governor Gavin Newsom

SACRAMENTO, Ca. (KIEM) – California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a $6.6 billion dollar package to help students return to in-person learning.

The package will allow schools to expand mental health programs, social and emotion support systems, and academic programs; including learning opportunities taking place over the summer.

The legislation also dedicates ten percent of the vaccine supply to education workers, as well as boosts funding to California’s Safe School Team.

All public schools will be required to offer in-person instructions for students in kindergarten through second grade, and for high needs students of all ages by the end of this month.

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Schools that are located in the red tier or better are required to offer in-person learning for all elementary students and at least one middle or high school grade.

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Schools will be required to report data on their re-opening status and safety measures taken to help increase transparency.

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The bill, AB 86, was passed by the legislature earlier this week with overwhelming bipartisan support.

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