A closer look at Johnson & Johnson’s one dose Covid-19 vaccine, how it works

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — There are 3 Covid-19 vaccines available to Humboldt County residents, but the one from Johnson & Johnson works differently than the ones from Pfizer and Moderna. It’s an adenovirus vector DNA vaccine that requires only 1 dose.

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How it works is you get a shot that has an adenovirus, which is a common virus that can cause cold-like symptoms, that carries the DNA for the covid-19 spike protein. Then, your body begins creating information from that DNA that will make you immune to the virus. For the J&J vaccine, immunity builds over a longer period of time versus needing 2 shots. That happens over the course of 2 weeks to a month after receiving the vaccine.

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“I think it’s extremely helpful for any place to have access to a single dose vaccine, but especially in rural areas where people have issues with transportation, sometimes they have issues with technology of not being able to use Wi-Fi, perhaps they can’t get to their second dose appointment. This is a very important thing for people with equity in a rural area,” according to Lindsey Mendez, a member of the Humboldt County vaccine task force.

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More information on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can be found on the CDC’s website.