Humboldt County working towards equity in Covid-19 vaccine distribution

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — The State is setting aside 40% of Covid-19 vaccine doses for the hardest hit communities that fall into the lowest quartile of the healthy places index.

A number of those zip codes are in Humboldt County and include areas like Eureka, Arcata, parts of southern Humboldt like Petrolia and Blocksburg, and northern regions like Klamath. The State recommends the County use 20% of doses in those harder hit regions. The county has been working on equity plans for distribution since a vaccine first became available.

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“We’ve been giving vaccine to clinics in Willow Creek and Garberville and in redway. We’ve been doing mass vaxes in Arcata and in Eureka to ensure that we can reach populations we wouldn’t usually get. We are anxious to expand our clinics in the southern and eastern regions and even in the northern regions to get populations who may have transportation issues,” according to Lindsey Mendez, a member of the Covid-19 vaccine task force.

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According to the governor’s office, 40% of Covid-19 cases and deaths have happened in communities in the lowest quartile of the health places index.

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