Cesar Chavez’s legacy continues in Humboldt County

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)- The labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez dedicated his life’s work to what he called la causa or the cause.

The struggle of farm workers in the United States to improve their working and living conditions through organizing and negotiating contracts with their employers.

Nearly 30 years after his passing, his legacy continues in Humboldt County.

The Potawot Community Food Garden in Arcata held an event on Wednesday, March 31 to honor and keep Chavez’s memory alive.

“Environmental justice, food justice is a big issue and so, any time we can educate our community about that I think that’s in a way is honoring Cesar Chavez,” said Jude Marshall, the Community Nutrition Manager for the Potawot Community Food Garden.  

To some people, like Ed Mata, Cesar Chavez holds a special place in their hearts.

“Down in Keene, California where Cesar Chavez had his headquarters, I lived a block away in the 60’s,” said Ed Mata, a staff member at the Potawot Community Food Garden. “So, I was able to meet the family, share their trials and tribulations through the farm labor.” 

For others, Cesar Chavez Day isn’t about Chavez the person, but a reminder that coming together to fight for a cause can make a powerful change in the community.

“When we had the power outages, community members shared their resources. People were there for each other and that’s really what Cesar Chavez day, to me, is about,” said Lupita Rivera, a student journalist from Humboldt State University. “It’s about the work, being a part of your community and how that translates to progress.”