Fire intentionally set extinguished, no injuries reported


SAMOA PENINSULA, Calif. (KIEM)-At about 2:30 Thursday morning a guard patrolling the Samoa Peninsula reported a large fire coming from the dunes. 

A crew from the Samoa Volunteer Fire Department was able to contain and put out the fire within about 30-minutes, and it took an hour for the overhaul process.

Fire Chief Dale Unea says fortunately the crew arrived quickly.

He says campfires are permitted but not on the dunes, and especially never under dry and windy conditions.  

“It just ended up being garbage inside the Dune and if it was the night before, it would have, the wind, would have up and taken off,” he said. “But last night the wind was calm, and a little bit of dew, so the fire did not getaway from us.

“The Peninsula is a beautiful place for a habitat, fires and garbage, destroys it.”

Unea says no injuries were reported.

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