Nine new Covid-19 cases, 23 more recoveries reported in Humboldt County since Friday

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — The Humboldt County Public Health Department has reported nine new cases of Covid-19 since Friday. The total case count has risen to 3,501. Health officials are monitoring 48 active cases.

In the last week, seven more cases have been reported in northern Humboldt, 19 more in the greater Humboldt Bay area, and one more case down in southern Humboldt. The biggest weekly increase has been in 20 year olds with 6 new cases reported followed by 30 year olds and people 10 to 19 years old with 5 new cases reported each.

One new hospitalization was also reported over the weekend. There were also 23 more recoveries reported since Friday bringing that total number to 3,417.

In vaccine news, the County has officially began using the state’s MyTurn Covid-19 vaccination notification and scheduling platform, and will no longer be using the interest form. If you’ve filled that out, but haven’t gotten a shot yet, submit your information through MyTurn. If you have already received your first dose, you do not need to use MyTurn. Public Health will contact you to schedule your second dose.

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