Program designed to help created a safer community in collaboration with police, residents and property owners/managers


Crescent City, Calif. (KIEM)-A Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, designed to reduce criminal activity on apartment properties, is being offered at no cost.

The program is offered in partnership with the crescent city police department and participating apartment complexes and residents in Crescent City.

The program is meant to help police, property owners and managers, as well as residents pool their knowledge and resources together for a safer community.

Managers from four apartments complexed in Crescent City, last month, completed phase one of the program which consisted of an eight-hour class.

The class offers basic training on ways to prevent property related crimes through education.

Instructor, Officer Daniel Sanders says keeping a well-manicured landscape can deter criminals, so can well-lit areas.

“And that’s the whole part about the program, you know informing people about things, and you know helping, and equipping them with knowledge, so we can all kind of participate,” he said. “Giving them those tools to you know, move forward with the program now and start putting them into action.”

Those who’d like to participate or for more information contact Officer Sanders directly at

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