Animal ordinance finalized with modifications


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)-Eureka’s animal ordinance was finalized in last night’s city council meeting and includes a provision that all cats must have their rabies vaccinations.

There was some concern surrounding the language in one section of the bill surrounding animal control officers.

Council woman Kati Moulton brought up concerns and asked for clarification to be included in the finalized ordinance, which read, “An animal control officer may at any time go on somebody’s property.”

Moulton said adding “If a complaint is made an animal control officer can ask” preceding that statement, which she said would alleviate a lot of concerns from community members.

Chief Steven Watson suggested adding some verbiage which appeased Moulton’s friendly amendment.

“The governing law is going to be the Fourth Amendment, and any California specific laws concerning search and seizures always,” said Watson. “If council feels more comfortable there is no reason, we can’t add a line in there that says something to the effect.

“That is the gold standard that we have to hold to and it’s in writing.”

Eureka’s animal city ordinance hasn’t seen a major chance since its inception back in 1959 and has been updated as a way to help educate pet owners on responsible ownership.

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