Some mild side effects common after a Covid-19 vaccine, more likely after receiving 2nd dose


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — If you’re older than 16, you’ve either already gotten a Covid-19 shot or you’re waiting for your appointment, but what can you expect after you get the vaccine?

Some people may experience mild side effects, and others may not have any at all. The number one side effect is a sore arm at the injection site. Others may experience some fatigue, fever or chills, but those are less common and should only last about a day or two. Statistically speaking, people are more likely to have more severe symptoms after receiving their 2nd dose of a vaccine due to your body kicking into gear to reach peak immunity protection.

“There is some thought potentially that Tylenol  or ibuprofen or anti-inflammatories can decrease or blunt the immune response after a vaccine, but if somebody is feeling pretty bad then as long as it’s okay with their doctor taking Tylenol or ibuprofen or some sort anti-inflammatory afterward would be okay. Then the classics right, rest, hydrate, sleep well, eat well,” according to Dr. Skye Heston a medical director for Providence Health’s coronavirus task force.

More in-depth information on each of the vaccines is available on the CDC’s website.