Mom stabs sons, 7 and 11; untreated mental illness to blame according to suspect’s sister


KING SALMON, Calif. (KIEM)-The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Is investigating a stabbing incident that left two kids injured… And their mother behind bars, charged with attempted murder. 

According to the children’s aunt, their mother suffers from untreated mental health issues.  

Just before 9 o’clock Tuesday morning Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies dispatched to a residence on the 1800-block of Buhne Drive in King Salmon.

“I got a call saying that my sister had stabbed my nephews,” said the suspect’s sister, Joanna Leen.  

Another call came in, this time to the Eureka Police Department, about a woman, now identified as 29-year-old Daisy Mae Opal Leen, at a gas station on Broadway Street in Eureka, with a knife in hand.

“She’s had a problem hearing voices for a while now, and they tell her what to do and she does it,” said Joanna.

A witness, who did not want to be identified, told Redwood News, Daisy was dropped off, came into the store with a bloody knife, then started yelling, “Call the police”.

Denver Steiner has known Daisy since she was a child, he  says the lack of  mental health treatment most likely fueled her behavior, she would never deliberately hurt her kids.  

“I just hope, they are alright you know,” said Steiner.  “ I hope Daisy can get the help that she needs.”

Joanna says her sister has been battling mental health for years, finding her help hasn’t been easy, and the drugs and alcohol has made her condition worst.

“There’s definitely not enough, if you look around this town, there’s people walking around this town talking to themselves all the time, and she is one of them,” she said.  

Deputies located the injured seven and 11-year-old male siblings, with what police described as “significant lacerations”.

Both were taken to hospital for treatment, one was later flown to an out-area hospital.

Due to the relationship between the boys and the suspect, the victims will be placed in safe custody.

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