An increase of catalytic converter thefts and tips on how to prevent theft

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CA (KIEM) – The Eureka Police Department is alerting the public to be alert as there has been a rise in catalytic converter thefts. 

Catalytic converters are on all gas and diesel engine vehicles and are used to reduce toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas.

According to the Eureka police Department, Toyota Prius seem to be the most common target. 

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Catalytic converters have three valuable metals and are often stolen to be sold. 

Some Catalytic converter theft prevention tips include: 

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  1. Parking in a garage or well-lit area
  2. Engrave vin number on the catalytic converter
  3. Add car alarm that detects vibration
  4. Have it welded to the car’s frame or have a security installed. 

For more information, visit the Eureka Police Department’s Facebook page. buy xifaxan online no prescription

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