Humboldt County officials planning for what live events will look like during the Covid-19 pandemic


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — With summer quickly approaching, cities across Humboldt County are beginning to think about what special events could look like in a Covid-19 world.

With new guidance from the state on hosting events, County officials are figuring out what that will mean for the North Coast community. Instead of each activity or event going through the certification process, about 15 venues across the county have been selected and are in the process of being approved. Once that happens, then cities are able to work with individual event holders.

“All of the cities I know are eager to work with people to have local opportunities to have events here in Humboldt County,” according to Arcata City Manager Karen Diemer.

The City of Arcata is currently working on approving 5 different venues, and is coordinating closely with the California Department of Public Health to ensure existing guidelines are met for events like Crabs baseball games and the Oyster Festival. 

“We’re really looking at how do we limit contact and keep the event participant in one place and bring parts of the event that needs to come to their table or seat to them,” Diemer adds.

Right now, live events can only host in-state spectators in addition to physical distancing, advanced ticket purchases, and designated food and beverage areas. Outdoor events have an attendance limit of 33%. If you move things indoors, venues that can hold up to 1,500 people are capped at 15%. For bigger venues, capacity tops out at 10%.

“They do allow for increases in capacity for events that are entirely vaccinated, tested, or a combination thereof,” according to Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Ian Hoffman.

Smaller gatherings outdoors are okay with up to 50 people. Indoors is still discouraged, but allowed with capacity limits. For more information on guidelines for gatherings and events, you can visit the CDPH website.