Much needed vaccines make it to North Coast; Sheriff says team effort made it happen


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)-an orthopedic medical clinic out of Fresno this week had a surplus of COVID-19 vaccines., when they learned Humboldt County was short 3,000 doses, they stepped in to help.

Sierra Pacific Orthopedics reached out to the Fresno County Sheriff for transportation suggestions.

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Once approved, Sheriff Margaret Mims gave the green light for the sheriff’s air support unit, and on Wednesday afternoon, those vials were delivered in an airplane to Humboldt County and handed off the cooler to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

The delivery made it in time for 400 awaiting vaccine appointment holders.

Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal says it was possible through a collaborative effort.

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“We had a snafu, and we didn’t get our delivery of vaccines,” he said. “So, a call went out, and Fresno answered that’s how it works. Sheriff’s we get things done, and from sheriff to sheriff, and sheriff to public health you know working with the medical practices we were excited to make this work.”

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Honsal says the Humboldt County Health Department is charged with storage and allocation of those vaccines.