Pandemic causes ripple effect in flower industry, prices on the rise


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)-Local florists say the demand for flowers are on the rise and so is the cost. 

Alexandra Nicklas works at the flower boutique in Eureka.

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“Busy, super busy,” she said. “Fathers are calling-in, aunts and uncles, daughters, sons, nephews, everybody wants flowers.”

Especially amid the pandemic, seems like flowers have been a popular way to express love, appreciation, and gratitude from a distance, according to Florist Christine Savio.

“It’s mostly because people still aren’t seeing their parents, even though it’s better than last year,” she said. “People aren’t traveling much to see their loved ones.”

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Across town at the Henderson Center, the new owners of Eureka Florist say late planting due to sick farmers pushed the owners of those flower farms to sell to big corporations, in the business of marijuana.

“So, we are entering the busiest holiday of the year, Mother’s Day, without the flowers that we are normally expecting,” said Finn Ferguson.  

Subscription based flower companies, also buying up flower farms affecting basic supplies which are now, hard to find.

“We can’t get things like, liners, cold-packs, boxes, so the grower who needs to ship out to the whole seller that needs to ship out to us, the supplies aren’t there to actually to pack the flower,” said Gwen Price, is also co-owner of Eureka Florist.

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“Getting help is really difficult because there is not enough workforce to now farm the flower farms,” she said.

Price urges flower farmers to hang-in there, it will get better.