Governor Newsom’s “California Comeback Plan” now in the hands of State lawmakers

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KIEM) — Governor Gavin Newsom spent the week promoting his $100 billion “California Comeback Plan,” and now, its fate is in the hands of state lawmakers.

The budget package includes immediate relief for residents. People making up to 75-thousand dollars are set to receive a $600 payment with an extra $500 for families. In addition to direct payments, billions of dollars would go towards rental assistance. The small business relief program is being expanded, a $12 billion plan has been proposed to address the homelessness crisis, and $20 billion has been set aside to go towards the public school system. It also has a $5.1 billion package that would support the state’s drought response and water infrastructure.

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“This is a generational budget. This is a historic, transformational budget. This is not a budget that plays small ball. We’re not playing in the margins. We’re not trying to fail more efficiently. We’re trying to do things this State has talked about, but never been able to accomplish because we never had the resources to do it,” Governor Gavin Newsom says.

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The state legislature has until June 15th to take action on the budget plan. buy bactroban online without prescription

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