Small Businesses Adapt to Post-Pandemic Reality


HUMDBOLT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)- Since California reopened, a lot of businesses are trying to get back to normal. But they’re running into a lot of challenges.

While a lot of large companies are now operating at full speed since restrictions were lifted, a lot of local mom and pop stores are struggling. They’re trying to rebound from the pandemic.

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“The biggest challenge right now is product availability. A lot of the manufactures aren’t up to 100% capacity so there’s shortages. We’ve kind of had to adapt and find other sources,” said Sondra Kirtley, owner of Scrapper’s Edge. 

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It’s a domino effect. When the larger suppliers can’t meet the demand,  smaller businesses suffer. 

That means they have to adapt in order to keep their doors open.

“We had to decrease labor essentially. We’ve increased service here. We’re relying less on product and relying more on skills and services to fix jewelry and make jewelry,” said Kimberly Mallett Alvarez, owner of Heart Bead. 

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Vendors that Heart Bead relied on aren’t around anymore. Other business owners i spoke to said they’re surprised they made it this far through the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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