Erden Eruç Sets Sail from Crescent City, Cali to Hong Kong by Rowboat


HUMDBOLT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)- Erden Eruç is a kayaker that sailed off on a rowboat in Crescent City this afternoon. He is passing Eureka, California on his way toward his end goal, Hong Kong. During his journey, he wants to raise awareness for plastic problems in the oceans in collaboration with the Ocean Recovery Alliance.

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His estimated time arrival is early March 2022. 

Throughout this long crossing, the Ocean Recovery Alliance will produce a video on the issues Eruç sees in the water. He will also teach regularly with students in boarding schools in Rural Turkey. 

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Eruç’s tracking progress across the Pacific Ocean will be available on his website

He is the leading ocean rower in the world today with 15 records set in the Guinness World Records. He was also featured as “One of the 50 Most Adventurous Men” by Men’s Journal. buy neurontin online over the counter

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