Gas Shortage Caused by Lack of Truck Drivers Affect Airports like Gas Stations


MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. (KIEM)- Areas in northern California are experiencing a gas shortage. Not because fuel is low but there is a shortage of truck drivers around to deliver that fuel. 

Redwood Coast Humboldt County Airport is the perfect example of that. They had to divert flights because of the lack of fuel for the aircrafts to get people to their destinations.

“We’ve had five flights over the weekend that departed from here that had to make what we call a tech stop. That just means stopping to get fuel from here to their destination so they did cause this minor delays,” said Cody Roggatz. 

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As a result of the gas shortage, airports are being forced to stock up on fuel but they’re still running into issues. 

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“We did make fuel orders last week, multiple fuel orders that got canceled just because of driver availability to get fuel up to us,” said Roggatz. 

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Airports and gas stations can only prepare for operations at their stations. The larger issue the truck driver shortage is separate and will take time to resolve. 

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