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Keep your Pets Safe During 4th Of July Weekend



KING SALMON, Calif. (KIEM)- Loud bangs or popping noises can really make a dog or cat go crazy. The people at Sequoia Humane Society want everyone to remember one word for the July 4th Weekend. 

“Microchip. Microchip. Microchip. If you can get your pets microchipped before the Fourth of July, that would be ideal. We actually do microchips here at the shelter for $25,” said Kelsey Sampson, Community Outreach Director at Sequoia Humane Society.

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if your pet is already microchipped and you think still need some help. You might want to try a diffuser that is offered at shelters and clinics.

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“I recommend diffusers for both cats and dogs. We recommend Adaptil, the Comfort Zone as well as the Feliway which is two different brands for cats. They emit a hormone or pheromone into the air and it relaxes the pet,” said Sampson. 

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For more information on how you can keep your pets safe and calm, go to sequoiahumane.org

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