Businesses are noticing foot traffic



 EUREKA, Cali. (KIEM)- Businesses in California are noticing a big jump in foot traffic compared to last year. While retailers and restaurants in Eureka are seeing an increase in the number of customers. They are taking a very cautious approach to the whole thing.

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“It’s been a nice transition for us, and that’s one thing that we’ve always been adapting to. Whatever is out there, we’re constantly changing it… we’ve had after-hour appointments as we’ve just made adjustments that way to help our customers better,” said Chrissy Ross. 

While many restaurants can be fully open and have indoor dining, many of them here in Eureka choose not to. Many restaurants don’t have enough staff to have in-door dining, and others don’t think the vaccination rate in Eureka is high enough. 

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“We’ll see what happens in the fall and how the case count goes and then will feel confident about letting people come in,” said Gail Mentink.

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Businesses have health concerns and are taking precautions as necessary until things are completely back to normal.