Betty Kwan Chinn’s Trailer Project

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) – A local homeless advocate has come up with an innovative way to put a dent in the homeless crisis.

Betty Kwan Chinn’s goal with this project is to help homeless people in the area establish permanent housing for themselves after they leave her housing trailers. Chinn’s outreach program provides training to the homeless on how to respect themselves and property. The training also teaches them how to detach themselves from the homeless lifestyle, so that they can take care of themselves and learn to live a normal life. Before they can live in these housing trailers, they have to go through the training program.

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“My goal for the project is to let them stay for one year and pay rent. So they will have some rental credit. After one year they are able to find a house, and be able to rent it with the credit. Otherwise, it’s very hard for them to rent any property,” said Chinn.

Chinn says she’s inspired by the fact that the government wants to work with her on this project. She believes it is an amazing partnership. The project will be located on Hilfiker Lane near the water way. There has been a lot of steps in this process over the last four years.

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“I understand that we may need another 10 weeks in time to review everything. After that then we can just go forward already and then plan. We had a plan already, now we can start doing more and more. You know just waiting four years has been too long. I appreciate this project. I appreciate all city government, the city council who voted in favor for this project, and the community,” said Chinn.

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This project is a part of her vision for her foundation. It will bring everything into a full circle for the homeless.

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