Eureka China Town Project Commemorates former China Town in Old Town

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- The Clark Museum holds walking tours in Old Town Eureka on 4th, 5th, E and F streets that used to be an area populated by Chinese immigrants. 

They came to Eureka by boat to find work and to strike it rich, for the Gold-rush. However all of that came to an end with an uprise in racism and eventually what is called the Chinese Expulsion.

“Especially with the pandemic, there has been a real increase in anti-Asian crime. This is also something we saw in 1885 that led to events like the Chinese expulsion,” said Katie Buesch, director of Clark Museum.

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The Eureka China Town Project is a community led organization that wants to commemorate that time in Eureka’s history. 

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“It started with a relatively small idea. Maybe a plaque would be great thing to have to remind people there was a China Town here and why it’s not here anymore. There’s also this art festival. We can have a mural and instead of a plaque, we could have a monument,” said Sheri Woo, volunteer at Eureka China Town Project.

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That monument and mural should completed in mid august. 

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