Loleta Elementary School revamps school


LOLETA, Calif. (KIEM)- Loleta Elementary school has been facing some tough challenges lately, like applicants not being qualified, low pay, and on top of that. Loleta Elementary has had the highest number of kids being suspended in the state for a rural school.

“The work that we do is different than other schools because we are a small rural school and m that means, many people have to wear many hats, for instance, the kindergarten teacher would be teaching till 1:30 with her students and then teaching the rest of the school P.E.,” said Autumn Chapman.

Within the last few years, they have really changed their reputation in a more positive way.

“It was a lot of trama students and teachers trying to work together and change the culture and climate of the school,” said Lisa Armstrong.

The school has come up with the idea of a zen den and sensory room where students can step away from a situation if they start feeling uncomfortable or upset. 

The staff is currently doing a lot of remodeling at the school, hoping that it will enhance the student’s experience. The funding also helped with allowing them to hire a few new teachers for the upcoming school year.

“Lolita has a lot of resources. They are connected to the resource center right next door…if students need a backpack, school supplies, food, or dinner, socks, you know, or transportation even if they miss the bus, the school will go pick them up,” said Jennifer Fairbanks.

The school wants the community to know they have really come a long way and are taking the steps needed to help their students in any way they can.

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