Nordic Fish Farms Comes to Samoa and Holds Scheduled Tours


Nordic Aquafarms proposed to build a land-based fish farm at the former Samoa Pulp Mill. They say they will use a mixture of fresh and salt water to raise 27,000 metric tons of Atlantic Salmon per year. 

90% of Salmon consumed here is brought by airfreight from European countries and that affects the quality of the fish. 

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“A good reason to produce it locally is that it’s super fresh going into the market. Consumers can get it 4-5 days earlier and It’s also produced under USDA/FDA jurisdiction. It’s a safe, traceable product. You know what you’re eating,” said Marianne Naess, executive vice president.”

To better educate the public about what goes on at a fish farm, Nordic Aquafarms holds scheduled tours. 

“Whether we like it or not, there is a need for food and protein. There’s already farmed fish on our shelves, net-pen raised which has all kind of detrimental, environmental impact,” said Lynette Mullen, project site liaison.

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Anyone interested in scheduling a tour of the project site can contact local liaison Lynette Mullen at