PG&E removing customers 2020 wildfire wood

Following last year’s wildfires, PG&E cut down hazardous trees that were burnt or ones that would be a potential safety risk.

PG&E cut down more than two hundred thousand trees across their service territory in northern and southern California.

So a year later, they will be going back to pick up the larger wood they left behind and disposing of it for its customers.

Crews have started picking up wood from the Glass fire footprint and want to remove leftover wood in other areas by the end of summer.

“We need to receive the landlord’s approval to remove the wood, and they need to sign an authorization notice or permission form And right now, for the august complex fire and the oak fire, we haven’t received very many. So we want to get the word out that you do have to be into this program,” said Deanna Contreras.

PG&E has a deadline of August 24th for customers to opt into the program. You can reach them at or (877) 295-4949.

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