Drought Combined With Recent Weather Conditions Spark Fires

Picture Courtesy of Alertwildfire.org

The drought across the state is intensifying and causing some challenges for communities and first responders.

With wildfires burning across the state, most recent fires sparked by lightning strikes, the state is in a wildfire risk. Drought conditions combined with extreme heat, dry vegetation, gusty winds, and lightning strikes, fires are more likely to occur. Experts came together today to discuss these drought conditions and its affects.

Cal Fire Representative Matthew Reischman says, “Right up in the North part of the state we have had a few of the lightning storms come through and they have caused the occasional fire here or there. That can become a problem, when they occur in very remote areas where often they can go undetected for a while, so they have the opportunity to grow and get big.” Reischman said that they are fully staffed and working together to mitigate and respond to these fires.

The focus right now is to keep the current wildfires from and forcing evacuations.

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