PG&E Activates Islanding Mode

PG&E has activated Islanding Mode on Sunday August 1, 2021. This is in response to the Regional Fires that are still actively burning. PG&E has switched the power source to the Humboldt Bay Generating Station. Its local power plant in King Salman, by doing that they are able to keep power on for 67,000 customers.

Deanna Contreras from Pacific Gas and Electric explains, “As P G and E works with first responders and tracks the fires they are fighting in Trinity County. We anticipated what if the fires were to impact certain transmission lines that feed Humboldt County. So in anticipation of that we moved Humboldt County customers onto the Humboldt Bay generating station. We activated what we call Islanding mode to where most of Humboldt County, 67,000 customers in Humboldt County are now receiving their power directly from the local power plant. PG&E’s Humboldt Bay Generating Station.”

PG&E says it has put in place temporary generation to parts of Northwestern Humboldt County. So those who aren’t covered by the Islanding Mode Plan, do not lose their power. PG&E says it wants people to have emergency plans in place and be prepared in case of an emergency.

“Have an emergency plan. Have a back up plan. Because even though we have this capability of islanding and moving these customers off the main grid and turning the power on directly from the generating station. We want to make sure our customers are still prepared. Because there could be instances where it’s not safe to island. As the power source that feed Humboldt County are all impacted due to various reasons. We still want our customers to be prepared no matter what, ” said Contreras.

An Emergency plan includes water, food, and medications for three days. You will want to include your pets in those plans as well.

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