Del Norte County Fair Opened their Doors While Many Other Events are Cancelling

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. (KIEM)- The Del Norte County Fair opened their doors this morning and they plan on staying open for the rest of the weekend.

Unlike many events, the fair is not requiring anyone to wear masks or show proof of vaccination. 

“We do not have any requirements. We’re encouraging people to wear masks and put on hand sanitizer when they feel they need to. We have also upped our sanitation stations this year,” said Kim Floyd, CEO of Del Norte County Fair. 

Walmart donated over 1,000 bottles of hand sanitizers to the fair. The extra precautions they are taking this year is providing a location for immediate medical help.

“Proper hand sanitizing is crucial. In the first-aid stand, we’re all wearing masks with patients and they are required to wear them as well,” said John Pritchett, a board member at Del Norte County Fair.

As the Del Norte County Fair continues, the Humboldt County Fair is still deciding whether or not it will open up for this season.