New CRV Buyback Center soon to open in Arcata


ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)- Currently, Humboldt County has no CRV buyback locations. They stopped operating during the pandemic forcing many to travel to Crescent City to take their cans and bottles to recycle.

Hambro Recycling buyback is currently in the process of opening a CRV buyback center in Humboldt County, though many CRV buyback centers haven’t been successful in Humboldt. 

They strongly believe the system they currently use in the Crescent City location will be profitable for Humboldt.

“We are not going to be dealing with any plastics or any of that, or stoves or refrigerators, or solid waste trash. We are only going to be dealing with California CRV,” said Randy Scott, General Manager at Hambro Forest Products.

They are currently working on securing all the permits with the city of Arcata and the coastal commission, along with certification from CalRecycle.

“This is a good thing because I had noticed more cans and bottles on the street, and back in 1986 when they started the CRV buyback, one of them was for all the litter on the streets,” said Rex Bohn, Board of Supervisors in Humboldt County.

Hambro plans to open up in October and will be hiring for its new location that will be located at 420 S “G” Street in Arcata.