Nation’s Finest is providing services for those impacted by Wildfires


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- With wildfires at an all-time high in California and families sometimes losing their homes, an organization is lending a helping hand to those affected by natural disasters.

The organization is called “Nations Finest,” and it’s funded by the state of California and FEMA.  It provides non-clinical crisis counseling services to anyone that has been impacted by a wildfire since 2017, along with helping them connect with any additional resources they might need.

“So again, it’s not specific to a fire, not specific to any one incident. It’s all in compass to 2017; if you have been impacted in any way, please give us a call,” said Jake Kemnec, Site Director. 

A Vietnam war veteran started the organization upon his return from the war, and now the organization continues to help a lot of low-income veterans with any services they may need with one of its locations located in Eureka.

“It’s a great opportunity to serve more people, you know, outside of the veteran community,” said Jake Kemnec. 

Nation’s finest offers daily links for virtual counseling sessions they plan on soon being able to offer in-person sessions for Trinity County.