Humboldt County Fair Still Scheduled to Opens its Doors August 18th

FERNDALE, Calif. (KIEM)- The Humboldt County Fair board of directors had a meeting with Dr. Ian Hoffman on Monday the 9th to talk about safety protocols at the upcoming fair. The fair is still scheduled for August 18th through August 29th.  With the help from public health officials, they are taking extra precautions beyond the mask mandate to make sure the staff and guests are following safety guidelines.

“We’re also going a step further to do more to protect the community. We are enforcing one way traffic when inside the buildings. We’re putting in a food court so the people that are eating and they take off their mask, they can eat their food and be in a specific area. We’re having the carnival take precautions as well. They have chosen to bring rides that are more restrictive and have people further apart,” said Katherine Ziemer, Board Member at Humboldt County Fair. 

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