Restaurants in Arcata are Struggling to Purchase Supplies Because of the Closure of SR 299

ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)- The out of the control wildfires have caused emergency evacuations and the SR 299 to be shut down. As a result, delivery truck drivers have been unable to deliver services to Humboldt County.

Restaurants in Arcata are suffering because they are unable to purchase materials they cannot find locally..

Egghead on G Street in Arcata purchase produce locally but not all year long. They have not been able to buy meats which are top sellers at the restaurant. 

“Pork is either really expensive locally or unavailable. We rely on getting those goods from out of the area and now our supply line has been snipped. We’re an island out here, as far supply lines are concerned,” said Kevin Dikes, owner of Egghead. 

Many other restaurants have closed indoor dining entirely because of the rise of covid cases. They are doing take out only and rely on their supply of to go containers. 

“The US Chef supplier here in Eureka is where we get our containers. They’re out of stock, that means we are too. If we run out of to-go boxes, we have to shut down,” said Jay Repetto, co-owner of Wildfire Cafe and Bakery.

Highway 299 is still shut down. Because truck drivers are still unable to bring services to restaurant suppliers, there is no definite answer when this issue will be resolved for restaurant chains in Humboldt County. 

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