Humboldt State helps Lassen College Students during times of need


ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)- Lassen College was forced to evacuate students staying on campus due to the Dixie fire. But Humboldt State University stepped in to help. Humboldt State University welcomed students from Lassen College to stay at Humboldt State. They arrived early Wednesday morning and are currently staying in resident halls separate from HSU students.

“Humboldt State University is very happy to receive and support the students from Lassen Community College, and we extended our hearts and support to them through this time of need,” Dr. Stephen St. Onge, Associate Vice President.

All students got a rapid COVID test as soon as they got off the bus, and all tested negative. LCC students are asked to wear a mask at all times when on campus.

“Most of the evacuees are student-athletes, so we have been working with them and their coaches to try to provide space for practices, to create the least amount of distribution for their student-athletes and students as possible,” Cris Koczera, Director Management.

When students evacuated from Lassen College, the fire was approximately 5 to 6 miles away from the campus. Humboldt State has agreed to have students stay for as long as they need to.