City of Arcata Job Retention Program


ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)- The City of Arcata has partnered up with the Arcata Economic Development Corporation in an effort to help local businesses and non-profits groups keep their doors open thru this second COVID spike.

During the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, many local businesses had to shut down completely to avoid having to go through that again.

Arcata started a new program called the job retention program, where businesses get access to money to pay their employees’ wages.

“We can blend money that can be forgiven after six months if at least 51 percent of employees have been retained,” Susan Diehl McCarthy, Community Development specialist. 

On top of that, the City of Arcata is handing out 37 thousand N-95 masks to local businesses. For them to use for  employees or customers that might forget to bring a mask

“Most businesses are intent on staying open to the best of their abilities with restrictions that have come online. It just has become a long slock for businesses. We are trying to assist them in creative ways to stay open,” Susan Diehl McCarthy.

Diehl McCarthy wants to encourage business owners to reach out to her with any COVID assistance they might need.