Monument Fire crews have been diverted to the Knob Fire


SALYER, Calif.(KIEM)- Crews fighting the Monument fire have now been diverted to assist with a new fire burning in Humboldt County. The Knob Fire near Willow Creek began yesterday afternoon. It’s grown to about 500 acres and has left many in the area without power having to resort to generators.

The fire near Willow Creek in the Six River National Forest started yesterday around 3 P.M. and right now is zero percent contained.

“And they are working on it right now; there was a cruise on it overnight. Before nightfall, there was an air attack assisting, So helicopters were dropping water trying to help, and engines were stationed overnight,” said Joan Kluwe, Public Information Officer with Alaska IMT.

The fire started in the China Creek Drainage area South of Highway 299. The cause is still undetermined.

“I mean, it’s kind of scary if you are sitting there with no power trying to figure out what the fire is doing, you know,” said Patrick Warren, Slayer Resident.

Evacuation orders remain in effect for residents in the area of Butterfly Creek Lane south of Gypo lane, and evacuation warnings remain for those west of the Trinity River in the area.