Humboldt County Transit Authority Introduced its First Hydrogen Fueled Bus

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- The Humboldt County Transit Authority has partnered with AC Transit to bring hydrogen powered buses to Humboldt County. 

This is a 40 ft long, fuel celled electric bus, which means the motor stores hydrogen. The hydrogen is sent to the battery to move the bus instead of gasoline. 

“We’re trying to address climate change and get diesel buses and gasoline vehicles off the road. The only emission that comes out of the tail pipe is water vapor. It’s much healthier and and its’ much healthier for our planet,” said Peter Lehman, founding director of Shots Energy Research Center.”

Fuel celled buses are meant for longer rides. They will operate 320 miles a day instead of the approximate 150 miles a traditional diesel bus will travel. With longer bus routes in Humboldt County, these buses will go longer without needing to stop and recharge.

“The goal is to see buses that produce zero emissions for Humboldt County. We’re going after a grant that will hopefully get us ten of these hydrogen buses and we will take ten diesel buses off the road,” said Greg Pratt, the general manager at Humboldt County Transit Authority.

The Humboldt Country Transit Authority currently has 22 diesel buses. Officials are working on getting ten new hydrogen powered buses and eventually replace all diesel buses in Humboldt.

They plan to have a zero emission fleet by 2026.

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