National Preparedness Month: Build A Kit

Photo Courtesy of Linda Nellist

September is National Preparedness Month. Week two focuses on building a kit to be prepared if a disaster strikes. Everyone in your family should have their own personal disaster kit that includes basic supplies for 72 hours. Each family should personalize their kits for each person or pet’s unique needs and keep them where they can easily be reached in case a disaster should strike. You can get a list of emergency supplies at

Linda Nellist, Lead Instructor of the Humboldt CERT Coalition California expresses that, “All of our CERT team members and myself included believe that it is really important for everyone to have , what I call a go bag. It’s just the basics of a supplies kit, you can pick up and go with if you have to evacuate.” Nellist says that you can start building a kit with items you already have in your home.

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