Eureka High School is recognized for excellence in Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- Eureka Senior High School was recently proud to recognize its positive behavior intervention and support implementation. Eureka Senior High School was recognized as gold level by the California positive behavior interventions and support coalition.

PBIS is a proactive, research-based behavioral and cultural support needed for any student to achieve academic and emotional success. 

“Primarily, it’s about building relationships with students. It’s about building community and building relationships because we found that through positive relationships, everything else and our goals and our students to have success falls into place,” Robert Standish, Assistant Principal, at Eureka High School.

Eureka Senior High School found that as they worked together and looked out for each other, the student’s behavior and grades tended to improve. 

While school was remote last year, the school faced different behavioral challenges. 

“We had to work with students for harassment, bullying online instead of in the hallway,” Robert Standish.

Eureka also made sure to reward those students with positive behavior that they feel is being positive towards the community of the classrooms.

The school has a climate committee with students and staff that take a look at students’ behavior, attendance, and overall school environment and see where they want to focus next.

Standish mentions he knows the school has a lot of work ahead of them but feels like the PBIS program helps them address the job more positively.