Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation Steps up During Domestic Violence Awareness Month

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- The Betty Kwan Chinn in Eureka has expanded one of their shelters primarily for women and children who come from abusive households.

Chinn said the pandemic not only has caused an increase of women coming to her shelters but the condition of the women and children needing her resources are continuing to get worse. Volunteer nurses are providing care at the shelters every day of the week.

“These are the most serious injuriesI’ve ever seen. It’s not just bruises and black eyes. Women come in with their major organs damaged,” said Betty Chinn, owner and founder of Betty Kwan Chinn Foundation.”

During Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Betty Chinn said she wants to focus more on providing support groups in her facilities with Covid-19 protocols in place. she says increasing mental health care is mandatory while this crime continues to increase.

“I can’t even conversations with some of my clients. They just want to fight because they’re in so much pain, physically and mentally. We need to provide more mental health care here so I can better help these women,” said Chinn.  

The Betty Kwann Chinn Homeless Foundation’s services are not limited to the Humboldt community. Chinn said many of her clients are dropped off right outside the shelter by their abuser or other agencies. If you or someone you know is being affected by this crime, call local law enforcement and the homeless foundation if you need their assistance. 

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