Personal Use of Psychedelics and Other Fungi Decriminalized

ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)- On Wednesday, October 6th, the Arcata City Council voted unanimously on a resolution that will decriminalize the personal use of entheogen, also known as psychedelics.

The resolution states people above the age of 21 who use and cultivate entheogenic plants and fungi will not be a priority for investigations and arrests. People under 21 and those who have entheogen on property owned by the California State University System are not protected under this resolution. 

On July 21st, it was introduced by Decriminalize Nature Humboldt to the Arcata City Council. The resolution passed July 28th to the Safety Committee with the motion to support personal and private use and came with an education component.

The resolution was passed with an additional line Mayor Brett Watson in quote “should be taken in a therapeutic setting with proper guidance.”

“Entheogen help people get off substances like meth and heroine. Hopefully facilitators in the Arcata community will now feel safe enough to promote their work and get medicine to the people in need,” said Danielle Daniel, the Organization Leader of Decriminalize Nature Humboldt.

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