Humboldt County Walk to End Alzheimer’s Live Promise Flower Garde

HUMBOLDT, Calif.(KIEM)-The Alzheimer’s Association held the 6th Annual Walk to end Alzheimer’s event. This year they planted promise gardens in 13 different locations around Humboldt County.

The promise garden flowers represent the participant’s connection to Alzheimer’s to help end the disease.

“Walk from your own home or walk a trail or walk wherever you want to but put on your purple and let the world know that we are walking to end Alzheimer’s,” said Joanne Conzelmann, Mission Committee Chair of the Alzheimer’s Association.

The Alzheimers Association gave out flower wind spinners with each color representing different connections to Alzheimer’s. 

The Alzheimer’s Association believes that around 3 thousand individuals in Humboldt County have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Every year different individuals are chosen to be flower promise holders—this year. The yellow flower holder is Doralee Smith, a caregiver to someone with Alzheimer’s, and her husband Chris Smith is the blue flower holder.

“I consider it an honor to be a holder of the blue flower. I represent people who are living with Alzheimer’s,” said Chris Smith, Blue Flower Holder.

The Alzheimers association website offers a clinical match program with over 200 programs currently going on.
“We are receiving more support this year than last year. I think people want to do something positive just considering all the negative hardship we have been going through the last couple of years,” said Marty Coelho, Executive Director of College Advancement at College of the Redwoods.

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