The fall prescribed fire program started yesterday for the Six Rivers National Forest

HUMBOLDT, Calif.(KIEM)- Six Rivers National Forest and the North Coast interagency fire started yesterday’s fall prescribed fire program. 

The program started yesterday with the first prescribed fire burn called Patterson. All burns will have a different objective. But the Patterson burn is aimed to reduce fire danger to the community adjacent to it.

Each operation follows a specialized prescribed fire burn plan, which considers temperature, humidity, wind, moisture of the vegetation, and conditions for the dispersal of smoke. all this information is used to decide when and where to burn. 

“As many as we can, we have several different projects lined up. If weather and condition allow, we will continue to make as many prescribed fires as we can until they say we can’t anymore,” said Dave Soldavini, Coastal Division Fire Management Officer, with the Six Rivers National Park.  

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